1. Add Your Incomes Add

For each income you want to track, add it into Claratii. Positive cash flows are important to getting what you Want.

These may include:

  • Your bi-weekly paycheck
  • Your significant other's paycheck

2. Add Your Expenses Add

These may include:

  • Your monthly mortgage or rent
  • Your monthly car payment
  • Your monthly auto insurance payment
  • Your monthly mobile phone bill
  • Your monthly cable or satellite bill
  • Your bi-monthly trash service payment
  • Your weekly thithe
  • A onetime payment for medical services

Food and fuel should be included as expenses as well, but may require some estimation. Read our Determine Average Expenses article to understand what you should enter for food, fuel, or other expenses which you may incur frequently, but not on a set schedule.

3. Add Your Balance Add

As simple as can be, just enter your current account balance so Claratii knows where to start.

4. Add Your Wants Add

This is the fun part! Tell Claratii what you want and it'll tell you when you can afford it with the cash in your account.

These may include:

  • A new laptop
  • A vacation to Hawaii
  • Training for your dog
  • Anything you want!

Claratii can only look a year into your financial future and it'll let you know if what you want isn't affordable this year.

5. See the Projection Go

Take a look at what your account balance will look like in the next six weeks. The Projection page will tell you everything you need to know to truely understand the future of you finances.